More Is Better – Or Is It Just More?

In a world where everything seems to be out-dated before you even get it home – automakers are feeling the pressure. On the heels of Mercedes stating they will produce some 20 new models in a four year span – Audi announces it will, of course, out do those numbers by producing a whopping 42 new models over the next five years. The models are said to include the R5, A6, Q3 and even an A0 – Audi’s goals are very well outlined – they are looking to destroy their competition and with commitments like these – it is pretty clear they are in it for the long haul. But as exciting as all these new models with most certainly be – how may of them will be actually see in the US – I guess that is yet to be determined. You may have to travel to Germany to see them for yourselves, but that’s not really a hardship is it!? Check out the article below for more details as well as some specs on what these cars may resemble in the future.
Audi Prototypes
Audi intends to capture the premium market in the next five years. To achieve this goal, the German automaker is preparing 42 new models, including R5, Audi A6, Audi Q3 and Audi A0. After Mercedes announced last month that they intends to launch in the next four years no less  than 20 new models , Audi could not look indifferently. Therefore, the Ingolstadt automaker rushed to announce the public that in the next five years will be on the market no more, no less than 42 premium models. Audi’s intentions are so clear: to achieve a number of 1.5 million units produced annually and installing the first position in the ranking of the largest premium automaker, deposing BMW. Of the 42 models only four of them will be representing, along with already announced A1 and A7, the key to a prosperous future. Next year will mark the presence of S7 and the new generation A6, ready for Geneva. The absolute surprise will be the new off-road inclined Q3, the third family member.
Audi Prototypes
Segment model E will take over many parts from his big brother A7, while Q3 will adopt a forward and a full traction. These two models will make an outstanding contribution in the sales equation, designed by Audi. Alongside them, the Germans will bid on the future R5, the second series of e-throne concept, but that will not hasten to take the electrical power train. Unofficial sources speak of a central engine model, 5 cylinder, developed on a platform, that will also concern the brothers, Blue Sport Volkswagen and Porsche 356. Audi puts great hopes in the future A0, already anticipated premium counterpart of Volkswagen’s E-Up. Version number of the smallest model in the Audi range will most likely be presented in 2012 and will be available only in electric version.
Audi Prototypes

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