More Than Audi.

Taking a little detour from the kinds of things we usually post about – we thought we would share this bittersweet story today about a man in Calgary, Alberta who’s Dream Day involved driving an Audi TT. The original article explains in more detail what this Dream day consisted of but this story is just really touching and we can’t help but feel for the family as well as for the kindness of others. We want to wish Noel Verhoog and his family all the best and say thank you to Experience Genie , Josh Dawson for having such a big heart. Of course we are also happy that this wish had to do with Audi – but mostly want to remind everyone to be thankful everyday for what we have. Have a great weekend. For the original article visit Global TV Edmonton for all the details.
Audi Cancer

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Audi Harlequin Baby!
STaSIS Signature Series