Motor Trend Audi R8 GT Review & Video

Enthusiasts always seem to think what they want in a sports car is a mildly detuned race car. They want to be just like the guys on TV: banging around, scraping the pavement, arms thrashing with every bump. These are guys who have never actually spent time in a race car getting beat up, cooked, and otherwise abused while driving. Truth is, real competition cars are built with driver comfort near the bottom of the priority list. What everyday drivers really want is a car with all the flash and raw sensation of pounding around Circuit de la Sarthe, but with all the comfort they have come to expect in their family transport. Audi has gotten a pretty good handle on this desire and has built an R8 to scratch that itch. We head out to the test track in Audi’s race track ready Audi R8 GT to see if it has what it takes to battle the world’s top supercars. For the entire article continue reading here – the original source: Motor Trend
Beautiful R8 GT

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Ferrari California, 458 and Audi R8 V10 – Breakfast of Champions.
Audi Museum