New 2013 Audi Allroad – We welcome you with open arms!

Let us start off by saying Audi we love you and we love the Audi Allroad! “Audi is reportedly looking to return to the toughened-up, all-wheel drive-wagon niche by bringing its A4 Allroad model to the U.S. in the near future.” reports Left Lane News .

Left lane news also says: “Company execs told Car and Driver that the Allroad nameplate, last seen on a slow-selling variant of the A6 Avant (Audi-speak for wagon) in 2005, will soon make its return to America. Because an A6 Avant is no longer offered in the states, it appears that the A4 Avant will be the model to receive the Allroad treatment. The American A4 Allroad will likely be quite similar to its European counterpart, with flared and gray-colored bumpers, skid plate-like detailing on the front and rear fascias and extra ground clearance differentiating it from the normal Avant model.”
2013 New Audi Allroad

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