Porsche Audi // Touring the Temples of German Automaking

As the new year approaches I think of everything I have accomplished in 2009 and everything I want to do in the new year, the list is long but I have a ton of goals. Something I have to do is visit Audi Porsche headquarters in Germany, it is sad to say but even after being with Audi, Volswaon and Porsche Brand for almost 7 years I have never had the time to visit headquarters. Well 2010 is going to be the year I make the trip to Europe; I would love to hear everyone’s story who has visited the Audi factory and see some pictures. If you are like me and have not been over read this article from The New York Times titled “Touring the Temples of German Automaking” it will make you want to take the trip.
Audi Porsche Factory Headquarters

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