Rotiform Audi A4 Avant – Inspiration

If you haven’t already make sure to go to Rotiforms’s Facebook page and hit the Like button! I have always modified, lowered and personalized my cars and the lower the better so when I found Rotiform my head spun a little. Almost every car they touch turns to gold, I can’t find a car they have lowered and put wheels on that I don’t like. Granted the style is not for everyone I believe that they are progressive enough to create trends in the market. Two thumbs up Rotiform I Am Audi loves your work and will use your cars as inspiration into the new year!
Rotiform Black Audi A4 Wagon

Video: Audi Sportscar Experience Hotlap – Cockpit, Lead & Case View!
Screen shot 2011-01-01 at 2.15.35 PM
Audi Brand Perfection Video