Scott Keogh Creating the Audi Culture

With such an incredible team of players at Audi such as Mark Del Rosso, Johan de Nysschen and Scott Keogh it is no wonder that Audi is having the success that it is today. It’s easy to measure the success of Audi if you gauge it solely on car sales, but there is so much more to it than that. Audi has had, what I consider, more profound success in the past six months than in any time in the last decade, and from what I see there is no signs of slowing. As recent as this weekend with the 10th win at Le Mans, with all the cards stacked against Audi, the team managed to pull it together and bring home the win! It seems like everywhere within the company, no matter racing and development, sales and service, or any other facet, brand awareness at an all time high and Audi continues to have a social media reputation that is nearly unmatched. The question is: to who do we owe all this success to? Of course it’s a team effort – but I believe that the culture of Audi has been created by Scott Keogh whose vision and insight into the brand has served Audi so very well. Scott joined Audi the first week of June in 2006 so this year marks his 5th year with the company – Congratulations on 5 years Scott!! We hope to see Audi continue to progress as it has been this last five years and we have no doubt it will with the expertise of such a great group behind it and Scott Keogh as the Chief Marketing Officer producing great opportunities for Audi to grow and thrive in the ever changing world of the automotive industry. Keep up the great work Scott!!!
Scott Keogh Audi

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