Stumptown Dog Heads Out On The Road!

Last week we decided to take a couple of days and do a road trip. Until the day we left we didn’t really know where we were going but generally we don’t like to go back the same way we came, so we ended up in Reno, NV and then made a round trip through San Francisco. At the time it had been raining in Portland for days so Nevada was a pretty solid choice, granted that it was pretty much guaranteed to be sunny! And sunny it was – roughly 90 degrees in the day and to counter that, a little chilly at night! We took Guinness with us as he is great in the car and is truly only happy when we are all together. On this occasion though, I am not sure Guinness wouldn’t have traded all the comforts of his home for the hot hot weather and having to be stuck in air conditioning for most of the hours of the day! We were desperate to find something dog friendly for him to do, when we discovered this great river right in the middle of Reno. The Truckee River is the place to be on a hot day. They have everything from kayaking to rafting to dogs jumping and fetching their toys. It was great and just the cool spot we needed for our hot little dog. Of course, Guinness doesn’t swim and is more of a lounger than an athlete – but he waded in the water, cooling his feet and belly and basking in the heat of the sun.
Audi On The Road
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Our trip continued through the picturesque highway into California and back into the cool sea air of San Francisco. It is amazing that as soon as you are near the ocean, the temperature can drop 25 degrees. Guinn was back to being a happy, cool little guy and the spring in his step returned. As always when we are in the Bay Area, we go to one of our favorite dog stores – George . Guinn loves this store – sniffing all the treats and rolling in perspective beds and on this occasion, greeting some kittens that were brought in from a shelter for adoption. We spent the day walking around enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze and soon enough it was time to return to our hotel and get ready to head back in the morning. Guinness is the ultimate road trip dog. He will sleep for hours without even as much and a twitch and enjoys every minute of it. He is very adaptive and probably just really loves to be in the car and with us. We wrapped up our trip with a little bit of shopping and a great lunch and then headed out on the ten hour drive back to Portland. Our little getaway was just what we needed and even though we are always exhausted from the long drive – we are eager to plan our next road-vacation and Guinness is just as eager to hop in the car with us!
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