SUNSET | Portland, Oregon Audi – 2010 Beaverton Celebration Parade

Its always nice to see business’s participate in community events and over the weekend Sunset Porsche Audi did just that. Sunset Imports, one of the local Portland Audi dealerships was part of the 2010 Beaverton Celebration Parade . Even though the forecast for the weekend, and entire week for that matter, was rain, it was nice to see everyone in attendance and a break in the bad weather. I have to say out of all the Cabriolets (convertibles) present at the parade, the Sprint Blue S5 and the RS4 Cabriolet are definitely my favorites. For more pictures of the parade make sure to visit the Sunset Audi Facebook page.

Keep it up Sunset Porsche Audi !
Sunset Audi
Sunset Audi
Sunset Audi

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