The Audi Society

The Audi community is quite small and those in it are very close. Below are a handful of sites that make known nearly everything there is to know about Audi. Each site has their own flavour and temperament – from journalist views, great videos and pictures, Le mans coverage and even personal opinions on Audi topics, we all provide insight into the brand that we love.
Being a small group it is easy for us to communicate on a one on one basis however, but with nearly 4 million Facebook ‘likes’ and enormous social following, Audi is an online giant and it is hard to know if they associate with our enthusiast family. I am wondering… Is Audi listening???

We’d like to thank the following websites for their continued support: Fourtitude , AudiWorld , Audizine , Quattroholic , QuattroWorld – and good luck to HIAudi with the fast approaching launch to your website. In the name of support, we would also like to thank the many other websites out there for their dedication to the brand as well and providing insight and information into the world of Audi. Keep up the great work!!


Audi Cycling Team
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Audi Social Media Mind Melt