The Audi Spectacle – A New Breed of Billboard

I have to give credit to Ryan Schroder “pdxschroder” a friend and fellow Twitter user. Ryan sent me this article and I have to say I was impressed. “Audi, a brand exuding an attitude of self confidence and progressive thinking, and associated with the latest technology and innovative design, is a perfect brand to pioneer this entirely original concept; a new breed of “billboard” created by Access Agency .” This would be an awesome type of advertising in the Portland area because we are ‘The City of Bridges.’ this gives me an entirely new look on the landscape around me and the potential it has. If you want to read more on the Audi Spectacle go to The Cool Hunter – A pretty awesome site!
Audi Specticle
Audi Ad
Audi Ad
Audi Ad

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 4.08.45 PM
Audi A1 Being Unbuilt?
Audi quattro concept
The New Audi Quattro Coupe