The Best Fuel & Oil For My Vehicle

Shell Fuel
Every time I stop to fuel my car I ask myself, “is the fuel I am putting in my tank good?” I always wonder if I am doing more bad then good. I decided to do a little research on fuels and oils and my suspicions were put to rest; not all fuels are created equal. I have attached a list of fuels that fall in the Top Tier Fuel Grade and a little information on what makes a fuel ‘Top Tier.’ As I read through the article on fuel grades, I then began to wonder as well about the oil in my engine. If the fuel has such a huge variance in quality, the oil might as well; I was right. To be honest, I was very surprised that even though the oil and fuel I put in my vehicle are the life line, they are hurting my engine, fuel system and even the environment.
The Best Fuel
Now this was not my first experience with this subject. I did study quite a bit about fuels and fluids in Automotive Technology at Wyotech (Wyoming Technical Institute) but there is so much information for every application. If you have never taken the time to read about fuels, oil and fluid grades then I recommend sitting down and catching up on your studies. The information I have published is only the surface of some great information.
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