The Certified Pre-Owned Audi Q7 – The New Industry Standard

After you have chosen the Certified Audi Q7 you can congratulate yourself for making a great investment and choice for your new vehicle. Knowing that the Certified program that Audi offers is the best in the industry, with rigorous eligibility requirements such as less then 60,000 miles at time of retail sale, five years or newer and a requirement that the vehicle has to have been in service for at least four months or have more than 4,000 miles. After these definitive criteria have been met the Audi must then meet all technician inspection ( Audi Certified Website & 300+ Point Inspection Checklist ) and reconditioning requirements as well as have a CARFAX report to show the vehicles structural integrity. If you are asking yourself why so much goes into looking at the past of our Certified Audis the answer is simple: in order to guarantee the future of your vehicle it must have a clean and clear past and have been fully serviced prior to you owning it. If any of the wear items such as tires or brake components are less then 60% at the time of inspection they will be replaced, period! This ensures you have a new car experience with out the new car price and an extended manufactures warranty. Simply put, Audi Certified vehicles will give you and your family piece of mind with the standard four year 50,000 mile warranty and the extended warranty of up to six years or up to 100,000 miles. You will still get all of the benefits of the factory four year 50,000 mile warranty plus you will continue to be worry-free for an additional two years after it expires with such benefits as roadside assistance, trip interruption, loaner cars & even trip routing if you are in unfamiliar territory.
Certified Audi Q7
How can you improve the most comprehensive Certified warranty in the industry? The answer is by putting it on the finest vehicles on the market, Audi’s! Now what makes an Audi the best? How do we stay ahead of the curve? Our advancements in performance, safety, design and versatility make our vehicles and in particular the Q7 at the forefront of the industry. If you stand back and look at the Q7, and remember, this was Audis first Sport Utility Vehicle and this it was a late arriver in the segment in 2007, you will be impressed. First, take a look at the single piece front grill that gives the Q7 such a bold look. Continue on to the three lines that define the side of the Q7 giving it a poised look even when standing still. If you look further back you will see the coupe like design of the trapezoidal “C” pillar that elegantly blends into the all aluminum tailgate. Something that makes the Q7 tailgate so unique in the SUV segment is the integrated tail lights that allow for a great loading area in the rear as well as a very clean appearance. While at the rear of the vehicle you will have an option of tow package with capabilities of towing up to 6,600 LBS (pounds), rear view camera and park-tronic sensors for those tight spaces. Now leaving standard key design features unique only to the Q7 such as intergraded roof rails, the lowest drag coefficient in its class of .34, standard Quattro (Audi pioneered all wheel drive), FSI (Fuel Straight Injection also Audi pioneered, the Q7 has even more to offer. With optional safety and convenience features available like the Audi Side Assist blind spot detection system and the only 3 piece Panorama glass roof, you will have no shortage of versatility and enjoyment with your Q7.
Certified Audi Q7
I suppose that leaves you with 2 questions: out of the 10 available colors and 3 engine choices 3.6L V6 with 280 HP, 4.2L V8 with 350 HP and the new 3.0L Diesel with a whopping 407 foot pounds of torque, what engine do you go with? Go to your local Audi dealer and take a drive. This will give you another opportunity to experience the industry standard of interior craftsmanship, design and materials as you sit in the driver oriented cockpit. Enjoy the 14 speaker sound system, Bose or 1,000 watt optional B&O (Bang & Olufsen) as you control your iPod, Bluetooth device and Sirius Satellite radio through the easy to function and intuitive Audi developed MMI ( Multi Media Interface ) Relax knowing it has been time well invested and remind yourself of the great decision you made with the Audi Certified Pre-Owned Q7.
Certified Audi Q7

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