The Girls Of The Paris Auto Show

In keeping with my theme from yesterday – I thought I would share this great post from Top Gear regarding some of the girls also on showcase at the Paris Auto Show this week. I would love to be there – but since I am not, I will share what the rest of the world is missing out on!! Enjoy and thank you to Top Gear ! Click on the link below to see all the Paris Beauties:
Audi Girl
Paris 2010: the girls
Let’s be honest, motor shows are mainly for pubescent teenagers and middle-aged men. And what do both these demographics enjoy more than ANYTHING in the world? Ladyfolk!

We’ve covered the Big Cars for you, and now we’re covering the girls. Because of course, we are committed to giving you Stuff You Like. That is all.

Audi Women – Women of Style
Audi R8 Exhaust Sound – So Mean!