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Sunday, February 18th 2018

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The Greatest Audi Quattros Ever

May 26

By now you surely know the story of Quattro, Audi’s all-wheel-drive system.

You remember its beginnings with a small Volkswagen-built military vehicle called the Iltis, the way it changed rallying forever, how it’s proven itself on the racetrack so comprehensively that all-wheel drive has been banned in virtually every category, and the way the very greatest drivers in the world have used Quattro technology to run rings around pretty much everyone and everything put in their path.

When you read and digest all of that stuff, you sort of wonder why everyone doesn’t drive a Quattro. And when an immaculate Audi Sport Quattro rolls out of the back of a transporter right before our eyes, followed by a showroom-fresh RS2 and an RS4 that looks like it wants to head-butt anyone who gets within 20 feet of its bulging bodywork, you really start to get the Quattro bug.

If you want to understand where this crazy enthusiasm for the Quattro Way comes from, take a look at these cars, the story of Quattro told at high speed: Audi Quattro coupe, Audi Sport Quattro, Audi RS2, Audi RS4, Audi RS6 5.0 TFSI, Audi S4, Audi TT RS and Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI V10. Make sure to read the entire article from Inside line “Inside Line Full Article” with even more incredible pictures.
Audi R8 Drift
Audi Quattro
Audi Beauty
Audi RS4 Avant
Audi Killer In The Woods

Source: Inside Line


best. photo. shoot. ever.

From schroeder on May 27th, 2010

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1. Performance

Every part in the machine counts.

With our vehicles being developed from the ground up around the world famous & award winning Quattro All-wheel drive, it is no wonder we are the leader in performance.

With countless victories and developments in Le Mans, Rally racing, Pikes Peak, and touring car championships, we build the most competitive All-wheel drive cars in the world. If you are looking for that unfair advantage, welcome to Audi, you have found it.

2. Safety

Why die, when you can live?

Brought to you by the company that pioneered safety standards and crash testing almost 100 years ago, with Audi there is no compromise in safety.

Available with technical advancements such as side guard head protection, Side Assist, adaptive headlights, three point safety belts and many other award winning safety systems as well as L.E.D lighting.

3. Design

Everyone wants to look good right?

Bold dynamic lines with moving surfaces, coupe like design and an aggressive stance on the road whether moving or standing still.

Audi has set itself apart from the rest of the industry with driver oriented cockpits and the leader of interior craftsmanship, materials and fit and finish. Keep in mind our extensive use of aluminum, space frame technology and low center of gravity give you that true Audi experience inside and out.

4. Versatility

Sometimes abundance is not enough.

If you want it, Audi has it. And if you have heard of it, it is most likely an option. Audi builds the most versatile cars in the world. Four door sedan or sport back, Coupe or Sport utility vehicle, big or small, front wheel drive or Quattro, gas fuel or diesel - and you still have to pick a color.

We build vehicles that will truly win races and pick up the groceries on the way home. If you let an Audi tell you it's story, it will never disappoint or disconnect you from the experience.

5. Value

Yes, fair value exchange does exist.

Whether you go with a new Audi and get a 4-year 50k mile warranty, or the certified pre-owned Audi with the most comprehensive 300 + point inspection and up to 6 years, 100k miles, you will not only get the best car on the market,
you will gain piece of mind!

And really, you can't put a price on that.