The Season of Audi – “Have the best lights in your neighborhood”

No doubt if you have the Audi LED headlights then you will “Have the best lights in your neighborhood”, The Season of Audi Event can make this so easy. With great incentives going on through the beginning of the New Year, such as:

• Incentives on most 2009 Audi models
• Audi Customer Loyalty Incentives
• Security deposit waived on most models with AFS Lease
• Special Lease and financing rate’s on most Audi models
• On retail transaction, first payment is made for you when financed through AFS (up to $1,000 most models)

Season of Audi Event
Season of Audi Event
You are guaranteed to love your new Audi and all of the technology and safety features that come with it. If you look around on the road other manufactures are trying to emulate Audis pioneered lighting (LED) technology but no one can get it right. Audi has made a true statement with its new styling and lighting and it has people talking. People are saying great things about the Audi Brand and our product line up; congratulations Audi you have done it again!
Season of Audi Event
Season of Audi Event
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