The WSJ Gets the Audi A7 Sooooo Right!

From the Wall Street Journal : “There are so many things to like about the Audi A7 design. It’s handsomely proportioned, with a short front overhang, steeply raked windshield and an arrogantly low roofline that lands in that warp-speed fastback. The blacked-out roof pillars exaggerate the malevolent orientalism of the DLO, the daylight opening. The big, seven-strake grille just kills, obviously. And—this is a technical but important point—the cutlines around the hood, doors, trunk, front and rear bumper clips and rear-deck spoiler all connect with a crease or synch up with some datum to accentuate the larger piece of sculpture. So, yes, this is a mighty smart piece of industrial design. But the end-days delirium around this car is all about the streamlining, which rings big, magnificent bells in the American unconscious.” For the entire article Click Here! and read on.
Audi A7 WSJ

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