Video: Audi by Peter Saville

First off thank you Telegraph UK for the insight and these words – Inspired by the Audi A5, legendary designer Peter Saville has created these five original pieces of art called light and motion. Peter was asked by Audi to find a way of pushing the boundaries of art and design, by using the car as a tool of expression. Utilizing a paintbrush of light, the result is these five very different images. Combining the skills of photographer Johnny Carr and precision driver Paul Swift, the car was put through its paces in the dead of night. As the car performed its choreographed maneuvers, the beams of light from the front and rear were captured by a Digital SLR 35 mm camera locked-off on exposures of 10-15 seconds.

The shoot took place at Battersea Power Station and produced a total of 33 images, the car passing underneath the camera at a height of 30 metres. Five of these images were selected by Peter to celebrate the Audi A5 and its unique ability to paint with light while in full motion. In my opinion Peter Saville is one of the most creative and talented designers I have ever seen. Make sure to watch the video so you can see for yourself what I am talking about.
Peter Saville Audi

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