Video: Audi Hybrid // E-Tron & E-Mobility

E-Tron will become its own brand as quattro has become its own brand. When people think of Audi, E-Mobility will be on the forefront of their minds as an option for their automotive needs. Audi has set the standard in all wheel drive technology with quattro over the past 30 years, this time Audi will set the benchmark for electric powered luxury and performance vehicles. Diesel and gas powered cars are a solution in the short term, however in the long term the future of vehicles and mobility will have to change, Audi is making that change. As you will see in this video Audi is not cutting any corners with their investment into the E-Mobility program and is focusing not only in entry level electric cars but super performance cars such as the R4 E-Tron as well. Enjoy the video, and forgive me for completely changing my view on electric cars, after some serious research into E-Mobility this is a great direction for Audi.

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