Vorsprung durch Technik – It’s Everything We Do At Audi

This is a great video showcasing some of the many amazing technologies Audi does so well – as well as the words that Audi lives by, Vorsprung durch Technik. From the very first Quattro to the MMI or Touch MMI Audi really does know how to create a driving experience that captures all the advancements they have made over so many years and roll them into one sexy looking car that not only functions exceptionally, but keeps drivers coming back for more. In addition, they always manage to capture a great presence in their videos – always sleek and with great music that pairs quite ingeniously. We love this, and of course, everything else Audi, but today we thought a little reminder of how great they are was in order! Check out Audi Deutschland on YouTube and see what you think- Have a great day! “An atmospheric film that translates the Audi brand philosophy into inspiring images.” We couldn’t agree with this description more!
Audi TV

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