VW Boosts Audi in Luxury Car Challenge

  • Volkswagen will invest $10.5 billion and roll out 8 new Audi models by 2015 in a bid to overtake rivals BMW and Mercedes as the world’s largest luxury car maker

  • Business Week wrote a very encouraging article in regards to the growth of the Audi Brand and how Volkswagon will be investing a staggering 10.5 billion dollars into Audi. Having worked for Audi, Volkswagon, Porsche for many years and hearing peoples reaction to the Brand and their lack of enthusiasm and understanding of Audi’s presence in the Import High Group Market it is great to se how far the company has come in such a short time. Expect to se great things from Audi in the next 5 years, if you are looking for a success story this company will give you one.
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