Where do you put your cell phone when you drive?

I was driving a new Audi A8 this morning and decided to pair the Bluetooth so I could stream music from my iPhone through the sound system of the car . Afterwords I put the phone down (I hate having my cell phone in my pocket when I drive) and realized that the new A8 really had no perfect spot for my phone. I understand I could put my cell in the drivers door pocket, but that is were I rest my arm or like most people put my phone in the cup holder… but that is were I would like to put my beverage. The new A4 has a beautiful spot in the center console for placing a phone or iPod and I have driven a lot of cars with absolutely no were to put a phone – BMW is terrible! My question is “Where do you put your cell phone when you drive?” Let me know what cars you have had with great spots to put your phone, and were you put your cell phone when you get into your car and go for a drive!!!
Audi A8 Cell Phone

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