Will i am – I Am Auto

It looks like ‘I Am’ is catching on!! Will.i.am, front man for the Black Eyed Peas, is launching a car company/website which he will call I Am Auto in hopes to bring jobs to the neighborhood he grew up in. We like the fact this guy is all over ‘I Am’ and we love the intentions he has with this project and really, what wouldn’t we like about I Am Auto??! We are always excited to see more ‘I Am’ enthusiasts develop over time and it seems that everywhere we look these days, there is an ‘I Am’ something being created! We here at I Am Audi couldn’t be happier! So please check out I Am Auto online or follow Will.i.am on twitter here. We’d like to thank Jalopnik for their original post and wish Will.i.am luck with this ‘love of cars’ en-devour. Have a great day!
I Am Auto

I Am Audi at the Detroit Auto Show
Audi R8 Picture Perfect