World Cup Coffee & Tea and Sunset Audi

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I came into the office this morning bright and early and as I do first thing every morning, poured myself a hot cup of coffee at the Quattro Cafe. As I sat down at my desk I found something to be different with this coffee, it tasted delicious!
Excited, I decided to investigate to see what had changed with the coffee we were serving at Sunset Audi. I found we were now brewing a specialty brand of a Portland based company, World Cup Coffee & Tea. World Cup Coffee & Tea is a local, family owned coffee company that strongly believes in environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices. Currently there are three World Cup Coffee stores in the Portland area.
The Glisan store is located at 740 NW Glisan St. There is a second location at The Ecotrust Café at 175 NW 9th Ave, and the newest addition is in Powell City Books at 1005 W. Burnside St, also in Portland.
The first World Cup coffee on Glisan was instantly acclaimed for its beautiful artwork, calm surroundings and of course it offerings of great coffee and tea. The second, The Ecotrust Café is located amongst some of most environmentally responsible companies in the country; such as Patagonia, Wild Salmon Center and The City of Portland office for sustainable development. Third The Powell’s Bookstore location, only a year old, housed in the largest independent book retailer in the country; where you can go to enjoy a good book and a great cup of coffee.
I believe any company in business in this day and age should be as socially and environmentally responsible as World Cup Coffee & Tea has displayed they are. With everything this company offers and such a delicious cup of coffee it is no wonder we are proud to serve World Cup Coffee & Tea in the Quattro Café.
To enjoy a cup and check out the new 2009 inventory, come see me (Scott Mitchell) Sunset Imports at 4050 SW 139th Way, Beaverton Oregon.

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